Jered Raflik's Staff Picks

Jered Raflik is a DK lifer with over 40 years of duty. Over the years he's worn many hats. Today he's our Product Manager.

DK Vega 22"

I have been riding the 22” wheel sized DK Vega since 2017, this has been my go-to bike for dirt jumps, ramps, pump track and even the occasional local BMX race. After spending most of my years riding a 20” (since the early 80s) the 22” was a nice change up with improved fit and feel for my older self.

DK Legend 26"

I recently bought myself a DK Legend 26”, I use it to cruise the city in the evenings, checking out art galleries, live music, and good food spots with my wife and friends. I love it, it’s a super fun bike to get around on. It's comfortable and capable of jumping curbs. I have even had a few "nice bike" compliments from passing motorists.

DK Random Wrench V3

I keep this BMX multi-tool in my backpack for when I need a quick repair or adjustment at the park or trails. Usually, I end up helping kids dial in their bikes with it. I like that it has real size tools, yet it’s compact.

DK Phase USA Stem

I am so stoked on this product! Watching it go from raw materials to finished product in our building feels great, it takes me back to the early days of DK when I first started working here.

Nirvana CBD Muscle Repair Lotion Topical

I had tried other brands of CBD lotion before and felt nothing. It made me think this whole CBD thing is a hoax. This Nirvana brand really works. I use it before activity on any aches I may have: Neck, shoulder, back or knees. I also use it for recovery after a road ride or a long weekend of pretending that I am a 19-year-old kid. It helps me make it back to work on Mondays.