Steve Buddendeck's Staff Picks

Steve co-founded Verde Bikes back in 2007. Here are five of his current faves.

Verde Vertex DJ

The most advanced / technical bike Verde’s ever built. I love how it rides just as much as it looks. It makes big jumps feel smaller.

Verde Neutra Sprocket

Always loved how this sprocket looks. CNC machined 7-spoke 3D design. 25, 27, & 30T options. Give 27-9 a try.

Verde Spectrum + XL 22"

Riding a 22-inch bike reignited my stoke on BMX. Fun, stable, and very maneuverable. 22 feels closer to 20 than 24.

Verde Vario 650B

Our take on what a bike after BMX should be like. Wide tires for BMX feel, rack mounts for utility, freewheel or fixed. Simple, fast, & fun.

Verde Neutra Max Fork

Our modern day aftermarket fork checks all the boxes. Post-weld heat treated w/ max tire clearance. Available in 20-inch and selfishly 22-inch.